For Tim, it is the thrill of a new idea that drives him. So when he realized that companies compete to attract the best young talent, while the young and talented struggle with growing debt, the spark was inevitable. Gradifi, his employer-based loan payment program, helps new graduates pay off their loans and get out of debt faster, creating a win-win for both employers and employees.


The future has never looked healthier

Entrepreneurs try to solve the world’s biggest problems, and for Deborah, the problem is healthcare. With her help, IBM Watson Health is paving the road to an easier way of enhancing, scaling and accelerating human expertise. These efforts will help pioneer a new brand of healthcare, and ultimately transform the way we manage our biggest health challenges. Deborah believes that creativity and persistence are hallmarks of entrepreneurship, and, without them, no problems can be solved — big or small.


Empowered women are beautiful women

For Brittany, what started as a childhood obsession quickly transformed into a passion. And that passion ultimately created a mission: to help women experience the empowerment of personalized care, for every one of the “special moments” in their lives. Beautini pays close attention to every little detail, because “those details can have the biggest impact.” Brittany’s goal is to help each client make the most out of every “little moment” — because to her, that’s the only way to live life to the fullest.


Moving forward, one connection at a time

For Archie, forward is the only direction he knows. And his key to forward is connectivity. Archie’s work with mindSHIFT provides employers with up-to-the-minute technology to connect with their employees, and ensures that data transfers from those who have it to those who need it, quickly and securely. Archie knows that an entrepreneurial mindset is needed at every level to generate ideas and create change.


Strength is spoken here

“We use fitness training as a tool to reduce violence and promote professional, personal, and academic achievement among urban youth. We empower young people with the confidence to say no to violence and yes to opportunity.” Ever heard of a business plan that sounds like that? Neither did most of the people who heard Jon say it out loud for the first time. And that, in a nutshell, is Jon Feinman. He’s a self-starter and a dreamer who believes in doing. So he started InnerCity Weightlifting as a way to bring his two passions together—personal training and community development.


The sun also powers ingenuity

The idea was simple. A low-cost solar solution that helps power a home in a rural community. The path to arrive at that solution was as arduous as the ultra-marathons that founder Savitha Sridharan runs in her spare time. First she had to convince herself that the idea had merit, and a chance meeting with former President Clinton helped her do just that. Then she had to go about building a solution that was turnkey and simple enough to be adapted a half a world away. With all of that in place, she is ready to empower women in rural communities to sell a product that in turn will make their own lives brighter.

// Alberto

This is the dance that moved the world

At 23 years old, Alberto Perlman found inspiration in the unlikeliest of places—a family dinner. It was there that he was introduced to Beto Perez, a young man with a dream of helping people exercise through dance. From there, Perlman and Beto conceived the idea to create tapes of dance exercise routines that made the concept of fitness fun. And then, quite literally, you couldn’t stop the moves. Now Zumba® is a global brand helping people with more than wellness through its offerings as well as the funds its fans give to support charitable causes. It’s using the power of dance to unify the world. The end benefit—humanity in sync.


Viewing challenges as opportunities

Tenacious. Inventive. Relentless. Pioneering. These are not only synonyms for the word entrepreneur; these are also very good descriptions for Alisha Varde ’11. As a consultant and corporate entrepreneur, she is helping Liberty Mutual Insurance assess and implement strategies across a variety of markets and disciplines. Her perspective as an entrepreneur has allowed her to see challenges in a new light. To her, being a consultant is just a fancy term for a problem-solver. And the bigger the problem, the higher she rises up to tackle it.


The family that works together, changes the world together

When Central America was in the midst of political turmoil, economic instability, and social unrest in the 1980s, Roberto Zamora saw an opportunity to create his own financial institution that would provide services the global banks were withdrawing from. Thirty years and a few Zamoras later, LAFISE is now a family-run company that operates in 11 countries, and employs more than 5,000 people. Along with his wife, MaryJo, their children, Marcela, Roberto Jr., Rodrigo, Diego, and son-in-law Eduardo Erana, LAFISE is not only contributing to the economic prosperity of the region, but has also become a reference for how the private sector can have a significant impact on the social development of a country. They created the Zamora Teran Foundation which is creating an impact for education in the region with the "One Laptop Per Child" program.


He didn’t like what he saw, so he built what he liked

“The planet’s most interesting agency.” Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It was for Aaron Walton. He wanted to bring together a bunch of “angelic troublemakers” who would create work that will be relevant and interesting to today’s global consumer. So after starting and selling one agency, he decided to create one that stood for diversity. For Aaron, there is no such thing as one size or solution that suits all. Which is why Babson was perfect for his way of thinking, doing, and creating. Aaron wasn’t content with the same-old way of doing business, so he began to do business in his own way.


A cure is her finish line

Change is hard. Changing a career midstream is harder. But that’s just what Kelly Greeley did. While working in investment banking, her aunt succumbed to cancer. Kelly turned grief into a new career and is now a liaison between clinical trials, doctors, and patients who would benefit from them most. She learned that the best way to overcome a fear of change is to jump in with both feet, which she did by running the Boston Marathon® as part of Komen for the Cure.


Meet the man behind the clothes

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” That, for Michael Bastian, is what defines an entrepreneur. When he started out as a young designer in the mosh pit that is New York, he had to constantly invent and reinvent himself to find a sweet spot that resonated with today’s fickle fashion buyers. And when he found what worked, it caught fire. Today, Michael Bastian is the name most associated with classic American menswear done at a luxury level. He picked up that perseverance and relentlessness at Babson, where he was taught to never settle for anything less than his ideals.


Welcome to the business of fashion

Dreamers get a bad rap. They’re seen as people who just sit around all day thinking “what if?” But there are those who turn those dreams into something real and something fabulous. Meet Ruthie Davis. You see, Ruthie dreams a little differently - she dreams about shoes and not just any shoes. These shoes have changed the face of fashion while changing the face of fashion footwear design. And another thing that makes Ruthie different? She may be as proud of the fact that she is a businesswoman as she is a fashion designer.


Nothing tastes as sweet as success

When is a cranberry not just a cranberry? When it’s in water, juice, snacks, and an assortment of sauces. That is what Ken Romanzi brought to Ocean Spray, an insistence on pushing the envelope on innovation to drive cranberry sales up and make cranberry growers happier. After witnessing his first cranberry harvest, he immediately saw the need to let others in on the world’s most beautiful harvest. So he brought the harvest out for the world to see. And now, as the humble cranberry makes its way into more and more interesting products, Ocean Spray has never been more successful. That outside-the-box thinking was complemented by the out-of-the-box learning he received at Babson.


The stage is set

When you spend years touring and performing under the spotlight of some of the most famous opera venues in the world, you learn a thing or two about what it takes to run such a venue. And when Pamela A. Pantos decided to go back to school to get her master’s degree, she chose Babson because she knew that it would be anything but cookie cutter. And now, Pamela helps theaters around the world find their next great leader and ushers them into the spotlight.